About us

ZAO "Baikal Wood Co, LTD" - an international Russian-Japanese company, the largest producer and exporter in Buryatia of high-quality timber.

Determining the direction of our activity is timber cutting  and wood processing. The company has significant resources of wood - forest material base covers an area of 1054 thousand hectares. With an annual allowable withdrawal 1,080 thousand m3.

In 2011 was a momentous event for the whole company - the opening of the modern wood processing enterprise "Ilyinsky" in the village Ilyinka Pribaykalsky region of the Republic of Buryatia, which allowed to make complex processing of harvested wood  and utilization of wood waste by efficient combustion of biofuels on its own boiler. At the same time, in May of the same year began negotiations on cooperation with representatives of the Japanese company «Mitsui» (Mitsui & Co, Ltd), which is one of the most diversified global corporation operating in the field of trade, investment and services in the consumer market. The next year was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (Forest Stewardship Council® - code license agreement - FSC-C115188) and an overhaul of administrative - residential complex.

In August 2013 ZAO “Baikal Wood  Co, LTD” reached an agreement with the company «Mitsui & Co, Ltd» to join the ownership stake in the authorized capital of ZAO "Baikal Wood Co, LTD". Before to start working together, our company has passed the financial, tax, customs, legal and environmental audit, which resulted in "Mitsui & Co, Ltd" rate us as a worthy partner. In the same month the transaction was successfully closed.

There were made significant innovations in measurement and accounting of wood products. In early 2014, provides full automation assortment of cut timber based 3D scanner of the latest generation Vector-3D. The company «Automatic-Vector» made the scanner setup and training, as well as refined raw materials accounting system under our specifications. Also, we have implemented a system of accounting for timber and sawn timber «1C: Manufacturing». In the same year were formed sufficient reserves of cup timber at the plant in the amount of up to 50 thousand m3, organized an intermediate buffer store of wood and cut timber  by 15 thousand m3 for interseasonal stocks. There were invested a lot of in the development of transport infrastructure, including built forest roads and bridges in the Pribaykalsky region of the Republic of Buryatia and the upgrading of fire-ferry system. The modernization of the pontoons on the ferry across the river Selenga and carried out major repairs nonself-propelled passenger ferry as it is not only important for us and other commercial organizations, but also for local residents.

In February 2014 there were renewed the vehicle park of harvesting techniques and road-building equipment: was bought machinery for wood transportation, including 6 units trailers- short log, trucks. Also, thanks to a favorable offer "BOT Leasing (Eurasia)" were purchased in leasing 4 harvester Komatsu 931.1, 5 Komatsu 895 and Komatsu 865 -  1 forwarder.  Japanese corporation Komatsu - a recognized leader in the production of excavators, dump trucks and loaders, which has own factories around the world, also plant for the production of forestry equipment in Sweden. All this has increased the efficiency of operations and to minimize the negative impact on the environment in the area of ​​cutting, thanks to high technology and strict adherence to the correct direction of the rolls.

Also, in order to promote and enhance the status of working professions in the wood processing enterprises for students production and familiarize students with the possibilities of training and employment ZAO “Baikal Wood Co, LTD” there were guided tours for school students in the enterprise  in Ilyinka Pribaykalsky region of the Republic of Buryatia. The organization of deep processing of wood was began in 2015, based workshop glued structures and planed products, which will use the existing production building, renovated for this purpose. Planned construction of dry lumber sorting plant capacity of 200 thousand m3 per year and an increase of the park road construction and timber-carrying equipment.

Long-term experience of cooperation with importers of timber from China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East allows us to export a lot of products to foreign countries, despite the fact that supplies its products Baikal Wood Company is constantly expanding.  In turn, we do not forget about the environment and attach great importance to the solution of environmental problems, because wood processing are carried out in the water protection zone of Lake Baikal, so emissions and hazardous industrial waste are reduced to the minimum possible. Our company employs staff, highly qualified and whose devotion to their chosen profession is a guarantee of product quality.

At present ZAO “Baikal Wood Co, LTD” escapes to a new level of development, the aim of which to be a leader in the technology of processing wood, growth rate, quality of sawn timber, business efficiency. The future of the company is based on the active and sustainable growth, strengthening position in the industry through the effective use of existing assets and new acquisitions. Successful production activity allows ZAO “Baikal Wood Co, LTD” to make a significant contribution to the development of the infrastructure of the republic. The company carries out functions on development of forest enterprises of the republic and solves many issues related to investments in forestry industry.


The history of industrial and commercial group of companies ZAO “Baikal Wood Co, LTD” originates from the organization in 1989 of scientific and technological cooperative center "Vector", who worked on the creation and implementation of the forest, pulp and paper industry for automated control systems and power optimization. Ideology of development and coordinator of all enterprises Industry Group Company "Baikal Wood Company" is the founder of the Company, its CEO and co-owner Eugene Pruidze, Ph.D., Distinguished Engineer of the Republic of Buryatia, the best entrepreneur in 1996 in the Republic of Buryatia, "Best Manager of Russia" 1999, awarded the national public award named after Peter the Great; awarded the medal "For Services to the Fatherland II degree."

By 2008, the company had developed the project "Establishment of forest infrastructure objects in Yeravninsky and the Pribaykalsky regions of the Republic of Buryatia." This project was approved of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation №13 from 09.07.2008 as a priority in forest and wood development. Already in 2009 the company has completed all the preparatory work related to the organization of the process of wood processing in Yeravninsky and Pribaykalsky areas of the Republic of Buryatia. During the implementation phase of the project I created the objects of forest infrastructure (forest roads, timber depots, field camp for logging teams, transshipment base and manufacturing site in Settlement Mogzon, Chita Region), signed lease agreement, drafted forestry, logging started work, organized transportation of cut timber to the transshipment base settlement Mogzon and production of cut timber.

In 2010 was the start of construction of a modern wood processing enterprise "Ilyinsky" in the village Ilyinka Pribaykalsky region of the Republic of Buryatia. 



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